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Get Transparent with Think Glass Kitchen Countertops

Recently, We’ve looked at the varied and multifarious material incarnations of kitchen countertops, running the gamut from marble to quartz to recycled cork, of all things (see Walker Zanger, Silestone Volcano, and Suberra). Today’s alternative surface has much in common with the mainstay of marble, but with a decidedly different aesthetic, because the motives of Think Glass’ artfully-conceived expanses of space for your food prep needs are decidedly transparent. And forgive me for saying that it doesn’t take much to see the true nature beneath their atmospheric stylings.

Ultimate Countertop. Designed by Think Glass.

Artistic Creations in Durable Glass

Think Glass Kitchen Countertops begin at 1.5” thick (custom orders for increased thickness available), and single seamless slabs run as large as 7’ x 10’—meaning you’re virtually guaranteed an un-interrupted landscape of crystalline enchantment. Not that “enchantment” is the initial adjective evoked by the prospect of kitchen countertops, but The Think Glass collection is truly that (beyond being comparably durable to any rival countertop product). So wherefore such enchantment? Within the aqueous undulations of “Ocean Inspiration,” for starters.

Ocean Inspiration by Think Glass Kitchen Countertops, Glass

Ocean Inspiration. Designed by Think Glass.

Functional Art Think Glass Countertops

Functional Art. Designed by Think Glass.

Get Transparent with Think Glass Kitchen Countertops

Crystal Granula. Designed by Think Glass.

Get Transparent with Think Glass Kitchen Countertops

Clean and Contemporary. Designed by Think Glass.

Magnificent Glass Island Think Glass Countertops

Magnificent Glass Island. Designed by Think Glass.

The above is merely one of Think Glass’ innumerable styles of available imbedded textures. That particular choice features a sea-faring theme of swirling blues and oscillating blacks, all imbued with the implied movement of ocean tides. Other choices include “Crystal Granula” (modeled after the blurring effect of water in motion), “Clean and Contemporary” (a richly textured ivory hue evoking a great arctic horizon), and “Southern Belle” (all the imposing beauty of a slab of frozen sea ice).

If none of these stir your pot, Think Glass invites you to mix and match from their store of available thicknesses, textures, colors, and artistic applications—just the stuff to inspire “custom designs of your glass countertops with infused color to create your personalized artistic touch.”

Via Trendir.
Posted November 22nd, 2010 by Joseph Starr


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