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Sustainable Palmwood Furniture by Pacific Green

In the late 1908’s, Pacific Green went on a search for a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods. In the South Pacific they found a series of abandoned coconut palm trees that had been planted in the 1900’s for copra manufacturing. Palmwood is extremely strong and durable, while also being flexible enough to withstand intense tropical storms. Pacific Green established the first Palmwood factory at Sigatoka in the Figian Islands, where they create sustainable furniture and architectural materials.

Pacific Green Collection.

Pacific Green’s Indigenous Collection focuses on a connection to the environment and an ecologically friendly way of life. The people in the South Pacific are largely untouched by the modern world, and their aesthetic exemplifies their relationship to nature. Themes of seafaring and warrior traditions can be seen in materials and connections of the pieces. The Coconut Palm was at the very heart of their life style, acting as a source of food, medicine, shelter and transportation. “The Tree of Life” is the regional name for the Coconut Palm.

Sustainable Palmwood Furniture by Pacific Green
Sustainable Palmwood Furniture by Pacific Green
Sustainable Palmwood Furniture by Pacific Green

Pacific Green introduced the concept of modern socially responsible industry to the South Pacific. The old plantation land of the Coconut Palms was returned to the local village to allow for planting of productive crops. The factory was built in partnership with the local villages and employs only local people. Pacific Green leases its land from the local villagers, providing a sense of ownership to the people and respect for their land. The manufacturing processes are environmentally sustainable and use no chemicals or toxins. The packaging materials are fully recyclable and even the saw dust is used as fertilizer.

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Posted November 29th, 2010 by Amanda Smith

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    Periodically move and rotate the Office Furniture
    sits in the sun helps to reduce the color and aging. You should also avoid wood furniture near fires, radiators and air conditioning for endurance.

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