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A Bespoke Glass Building Material from Wales: The KiloLux

Although it may sound like the Sunset Boulevard of a metric country’s Hollywood, KiloLux is actually a material produced by a company based in Wales. Developed in 1998 and first used in 2001, Innovative Glass Products, Ltd. manufactured six tons of this new KiloLux glass for the Wales Millennium Center in Cardiff, South Wales. The material itself is known as a bespoke product, made in many different shapes and sizes, that is best described as a monolithic glass block with the appearance of a laminate.

KiloLux glass. Designed by Innovative Glass Products, Ltd.

The KiloLux offers a Non-Adhesive Laminate to Your Building’s Facade

In order to create such an interesting effect on the glass, the aptly named, Innovative Glass Products, Ltd. worked to develop it using no adhesive. This way, it is very resistant to moisture and freeze-thaw cycles. Primarily used for building facades due to its weather sealing capabilities from day one, the durable KiloLux material has incrementally upped their fan base - continuing to build its following year after year.

A Bespoke Glass Building Material from Wales: The KiloLux
A Bespoke Glass Building Material from Wales: The KiloLux
A Bespoke Glass Building Material from Wales: The KiloLux

Besides just offering the KiloLux product to construction projects, IGP also offers their advice on glazing methods and installation, besides being an installer themselves of the material if, by chance, you find it as reliable and attractive as the numerous contractors that have already invested in it. After all, it was developed as a light-emitting decorative element too. This idea removes the brick-and-mortar idea of building construction and replaces it with one that seems as luxurious as an art gallery installation.

Most commonly seen with soda lime float glass and low iron glass, the KiloLux monolithic blocks are able to be made in any glass you choose. Also, as the Transmaterial website states, “it can be secondarily processed by chemical, abrasive etching, and water jet abrasive techniques, and can also be thermally bent as well as cut and shaped by a diamond saw” making it customizable as well.

Posted November 24th, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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