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Factory Friday: The Savanna Side Table by Alvaro Uribe

"My work is in constant exploration on how to inject energy and life into the objects we live with ," says the designer of this week's Style Factory discovery. You may or may not have heard of him, but after seeing his creations, you're sure not to forget him. Alvaro Uribe is the Industrial Designer behind the brand new Savanna Side Table released yesterday on Style Factory, and it doesn't take more than a glance to realize why it deserves your vote!

Savanna Side Table. Designed by Alvaro Uribe.

With a flat, veneer top that looks as if it were a tree in the temperate Serengeti of Africa, the surface of the table separates like the leaves of the trees. (In fact, you could probably use it as a whole table or separate it into three small elbow and drink tables for your next gathering...just a thought.) Below, the form takes on a tree trunk shape, sweeping downward from its solid chrome base into four legs. Unlike natural imperfections that occur in the wild, the Savanna Side Table is cut to fit together perfectly like a three-piece modern puzzle with lacquered edges. For this reason, it represents the fusion of our surrounding environment with our design for clean lines and finishes - and in perfect unison, Uribe says he looks "to translate how things work into poetic reflections of our modern world."

Born in Miami, Florida by growing up in Bogotá, Colombia, Alvaro Uribe is a Pratt Institute graduate with worldly experience in developing projects for dozens of famous designers and companies. Some of his work has included studies at the Bauhaus in Germany and working partnerships with Ecco, Knoll Studios, Areaware, and Nicol, among many others. Not to mention that Uribe was the recipient of the highly-respected Rowena Reed Kostello from Pratt Institute.

Using his honed design skills, the Savanna Side Table is a unique combination of the modernist desire for simple, high class furniture with a positive environmental twist. If that floats your boat, help the design win its way to manufacturing on the Style Factory website today!
Posted October 1st, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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