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HON’s Vicinity Storage System Cleans Up Any Office Mess

The HON Company has no qualms about claiming their products are “smart now, smarter later.” With such a catchphrase, they’re somewhat immune to immediate criticism—and only time will tell whether the purported intelligence of their collection of contract furniture actually improves with age. Yet in this regard, the Vicinity line is certainly off to a good start. Perhaps all you need to know about this configurable work storage system is contained in HON’s compelling demonstration video. Would that I could whip my space into shape in the 30 seconds it takes for Vicinity to clean up that dramatized office mess.

Vicinity. Designed by HON Company.

More on the New Configurable Work Storage System by HON

The system of modular cabinetry, open storage, drawers, panels, and work surfaces is designed to be unobtrusive yet highly functional, its usefulness deriving in large measure from its unending adaptability. Vicinity’s column-based scheme consists of four central components “designed to be easy to specify, install and reconfigure… each piece can be easily customized and literally ‘locks’ into place with an audible click once the connection is secure.”

The variety of adjustments and customizations with Vicinity are too numerous for an exhaustive list in this forum, but here’s a taste: open cabinets and display shelves adjustable at 1 and 1/8” increments; straight or “cockpit” style work surfaces with space-saving canted edges; mobile side access pedestals; perforated wall tacking for secure-fit accessories; and double piling trays.

If all of this sound excessively clinical, we ought not to loose sight of Vicinity’s aesthetic versatility. The system has excellent compatibility with Hon’s line of office furniture, but its wide range of materials and finishes (examples include maple, cherry, and walnut laminate; glow-etched bronze tackboard and fabric; champagne metallic finish; and radius- or arch-shaped pulls) make it easy to integrate into any existing design.

Posted October 25th, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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