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Got a Happy Dance? FreeSCALE it on a Vorwerk

Vorwerk has recently come out with the FreeSCALE carpet-tile collection that comes in unconventional shapes and has no harsh right angles. That’s right people, it’s innovation for the floor that comes in the form of tiles butting up against walls in interesting shapes and without the hassle of fitting every edge perfectly.

Crystal. Designed by Hadi Teherani for Vorwerk.

Designed by Hadi Teherani for Vorwerk, the possibilities within a space multiply when you employ textured tiling that all will adore. FreeSCALE offers 3 asymmetrical shapes that they call Crystal, Mesh, and Partition. After deciding which shape suits your project best, you move into the high-grade tufted options - choosing between a tufted loop, a tufted velour, and a tufted frisé. After deciding on shape and weave, you choose which shade quietly supplements the interior design of the project. The choices are numerous, including everything from 16 shades of cold and neutral or warm colors, to violet, blue, petrol and olive, among others.

The beauty of Vorwerk carpet-tiles goes beyond rich shades and their anti-right angle strategy to flooring by offering limitless design possibilities. Choose one solid color and let the eye stick to the unique cut of the tiles at their edges or unify different colors signature patterns. With FreeSCALE, you can use the floor coloring to separate larger spaces in offices, at home, or in lobbies and lounges by creating a visual divide.

Forma. Designed by Hadi Teherani for Vorwerk.

Mesh. Designed by Hadi Teherani for Vormerk.

Partition. Designed by Hadi Teherani for Vorwerk.

Leaves. Designed by Hadi Teherani for Vorwerk.

Design is as vital to its lasting style as the technology behind it, and with Teherani standing in the development process, the FreeSCALE carpet-tiles get the finest treatment. Because Vorwerk TEXtiles is aimed staying environmentally friendly, the backing of the tiles replaces PVC with a synthetic secondary backing made from polyester fabrics that are fully recyclabe. Also the tiles themselves are made with a 60% share of recycled materials from a carbon-neutral energy production facility.

Between the modern feel, the ease of use, and Vorwerk’s mission to stay green, these carpet-tiles will have the neighborhood buzzing.

Posted October 6th, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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