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Top Ten: Deep Kitchen Sinks

When deciding on a new sink, often times the words "large", "basin", and "dinner parties" come up for many of us. Although stainless steel takes the cake in it's function and sleek facade, we cannot forget about the other guys - the stone, ceramic, copper, and tile - who help with design elements that mix it up. This week, we corralled the best of Farmhouse-style, deep well sinks for a look at the current clean-up competition.

1. Kohler Verity Apron Front (K 3086)

Manufacturer: Kohler
Price: starting at $1197.75
29.5”l x 15.75”w x 8”d

A fluent transition from countertop to cabinet to kitchen basin, the Kohler Verity Apron Front sink (K 3086) makes up for its ability to “fit right in” with it’s deep, 18-gauge stainless steel presence. With Kohler’s SilentShield sound-absorption system, disposal noise and dishwashing vibrations are minimized for a professional performing sink.

2. Optimum Stainless Steel 60/40 Double Well Farmhouse

Manufacturer: Whittington Collection
Price: $629.95
33”l x 20”w x 10”h; Large bowl: 17”l x 18”w x 10”h, small bowl: 13”l x 18”w x 10”h

This double-well farmhouse sink featuring two slightly offset bowls is made with 16-gauge stainless steel in a matte finish. Constructed with tight radius corners and a versatile lip width of 1-1/16”, the look of the Optimum 60/40 sink by Whittington is modern while remaining easy to clean and efficient with a 3-1/2” center drain. The basin is sound-insulated with a coating and pads on the sides and bottom.

3. WWSK24

Manufacturer: Waterworks
Price: $3007
30″ × 18″ × 10″

The streamlined design of high quality stainless steel made by Waterworks is this WWSK24 Farmhouse Apron kitchen sink. Deep, long, and wide, there is no division into two bowls. Instead, it’s a classic single bowl approach to dishwashing with plenty of room to spread out into it’s wide, rounded edges.

4. Gourmet Lustertone Undermount | ELUHF3320

Manufacturer: Elkay
Price: $1347
33"l x 20-1/2"w x 7-7/8”d; Individual bowls: 13-1/2’’l x 16’’w x 7 7/8’’d

With two bowls of the same size, the Gourmet Lustertone double-well farmhouse sink is made with an 18-gauge stainless steel. Although it is similar to the Optimum sink by Whittinger in length and width, this Elkay sink comes with twin basins and 2” shallower in depth. The basin is coated with SoundGuard insulation and comes with quieting pads on the sides and bottom.

5. Esme Copper Farmhouse

Manufacturer: Nottingham Brass
Price: $1410.95
36-3/8”l x 21-3/8”w x 9-3/8”h (± 1/2"); Basin: 33”l x 18”w x 9”h (± 1/2")

A hammered out interior and smooth apron in solid 16-gauge copper help to create the extraordinary Esme Copper Farmhouse sink that stands tall with it’s deep basin. It features a single-hole faucet deck with a width of 2-5/8”, a pressed sink bowl with rounded inside corners, and a large 3-1/2” drain behind it’s polished apron. Instead of waxing to patina the copper, a French hot process engrains it before it is hand-polished to make it a long-lasting addition to your culinary space.

6. Super Single Bowl with Apron

Manufacturer:BLANCO America
Price: $2395
32" l x 1-3/16" w x 9" h

For a less formal approach to dishwashing that stacks up in resiliency, the Super Single Bowl with Apron is a great way for your kitchen sink to be simple and chic with a BLANCO America. This particular sink has zero radius corners and a seamless appearance, along with an 18/10 chrome-nickel basin, and fits the standard 3-1/2" drain. It is a single, 304 series 18-gauge stainless steel basin in a satin-polished finish that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

7. MHK110-20

Manufacturer: Franke
Price: $788- 1050
19 11/16″l × 15 3/4″w × 6 3/4"d

Since white sinks never go out of style, this “traditional ceramic sink design imbued with contemporary durability” by Franke is a great alternative to stainless steel or stone. In fact, it comes in black, biscuit or white glazing on three sides (in order to undermount as you wish, there is no glaze beneath.) The MHK110-20 is designed to be the perfect size for washing comfortably without taking up too much space. On top of that, the basin uses a slope of approximately 8mm from the edges to the center that helps to promote proper draining and simple clean up.

8. Elite Gourmet - 3626EGSF

Manufacturer: Elkay
Price: $5,029
36"l x 26”w x 10”d

For the dishwashing duty of massive dinner parties or washing your Great Dane, we couldn’t forget to include the sink that does it all. The Elite Gourmet Sink by Elkay with its massive 36” basin and thick lip to avoid spill over are probably not the going to break the Guinness Book of World Records, but it just as humorous, it seems to have “lap dog” syndrome. The sink’s toned-down, refined appearance fits nicely inside the home even though it would also fit into more commercial settings. Built in one, single basin with Sound Guard to eleviate noisy splashing and clinking, this 16-gauge stainless steel is the powerhouse sink of the list.

9. Alencon Lace™ design on Dickinson™ Tile-in

Manufacturer: Kohler
Price: starting at $2770
33"l x 22"w x 8-3/4"d

Stand apart from the rest with a sophisticated look on your tile-in sink that resembles lace that was designed back in the 17th century in Alencon, France. With 21st century cast iron construction for durability based on the highest standards, Kohler creates this sink with four-hole faucet drilling within its single, apron-front basin. Since it is an Artist Edition, the design is individually crafted, making piece-to-piece variation a possibility for appropriate lead times.

10. Polished Marble Single Bowl Farmhouse with Chiseled Apron

Manufacturer: Whittington Collection
Price: starting at $988.95
24"l x 20"w x 10"h; 30"l x 20"w x 10"h; 33"l x 20"w x 10"h; 36"l x 20"w x 10"h

Differing from the smooth exterior aprons of the other basins listed, this handcrafted marble sink exudes its natural, earthy feel with every groove and imperfection of the apron. Available in a Cream Egyptian Marble (shown here), a Polished Carrara Marble from Italy, or a Polished White Thassos Marble from Greece, each one is hand-crafted and left unpolished. The drain opening fits the standard 3-1/2” drain and disposal and is surrounded by a smooth interior that can be cleaned with a few drops of cleaner and a quick rinse before wiping dry. Since it is stone, a sealant - like StoneTech sealer - is recommended before use for maximum performance.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten deep kitchen sinks!

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Posted September 21st, 2010 by Sonja Hall


  • Anonymous says:

    Wow what a collection for kitchen sinks. I am much impressed by your collection and also it is much beneficial. I am much waiting to show one of these sinks in my kitchen.

  • Diamond Spas says:

    Apron Sinks have made a strong comeback over the past 2 years. The large well allows for large pans and stacked dishes. Custom sinks are a good option as they can be made to order in desired depths and widths. It is also a great option for those who have irregular shaped counters.This apron sink was skirted with an angled front due to the position of the sink

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