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Lounge Famously with a Rottet Design by Decca

I want to see a celebrity on the street. Not to take a photo or get an autograph, that would seem desperate - it's the pure eye contact and a smile that I desire. To be completely serious, the only way a famous person in any field can officially make me want to faint is if they go above and beyond the call of duty and act like a decent human being (but not in an Angelina Jolie or Jesse Ventura sort of way).

Fold. Designed by Lauren Rottet for Decca.

Maybe someone like Lauren Rottet, who is a celebrity interior designer. According to some, she is presently one of the most celebrated. Her approach is a jaw-dropping combination of architectural lines of unbridled strength and this very opposite, psychological nurturing that gets exactly what people want, from classic to modern design. After seeing images of her innumerable projects around the globe, it makes me wonder how anyone, anywhere, ever lived a content life without her influence. (Okay, that might be a touch extreme, but you get my drift.)

In collaboration with the contract furniture company Decca, Rottet did anything but settle into the glory that her international design studio's previous projects achieved. After being named a prestigious Fellow of the American Institute of Architecture (FAIA) she instead tried her skills as a furniture maker, designing a whole line of lounge furnishings for the contract furniture company. Shown here are the two coffee tables that stood out compared to the rest:

The Fold coffee table features a quarter cut veneer in "book-matched layup on the top and leg panels". Low to the ground, the veneer structure is braced with a concealed steel that also adds a steel foot detail on along the bottom of the leg panels. It measures 66"w x 48"d x 13"h.

The second is a Rectangular Open Asymmetrical coffee table. It's solid white top and exterior surround the interior cut out lined with flat cut veneer. Similar to the Fold, it has book-matched layup and a solid, boxy appearance that conceals storage space in matching wood at one end. This table measures 60"w x 30"d x 18"h.

Rottet is in the Interior Design Hall of Fame and was Contract magazine's Designer of the Year. As expected, her furniture designs earned four Gold medals for "Best of NeoCon" and also received a Chicago Athenaeum Award. Although she won't be able to autograph each piece personally, Rottet's Decca tables will forever be a reflection of her design eye.
Posted September 17th, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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