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Livinglass: Decorative Eco-Friendly Glass

Recycled glass has a way of looking like recycled glass. Just last week we saw a refined and elegant example of this from Ellen Blakeley studio, which takes mosaic glass to a new level of elegance. Icestone combines recycled glass and concrete to create a marble-like material that is as durable as it is attractive. Occasionally there are times when a designer wants a sustainable product that doesn’t scream “green!” Many wood-based or metal-based green products are out there, but what about glass?

Sutra. Designed by Livinglass.

Glass is a relatively easy resource to recycle. While smashing it up and combining the pieces with a binder may save on the energy of melting it, the result has a certain recycled look that is inescapable. Livinglass offers a recycled glass product that looks more like art work than recycled glass. Similarly to 3-Form EcoResin, Livinglass combines recycled glass and resin with interlayers that are recycled, recyclable or renewable. Everything from leaves, to bamboo, to sand dollars can be integrated into pieces of glass that create ambiance and spatial division with character. Light, is their thinnest, lightest and most budget friendly line which earns LEED credits with 100% recycled glass.

Orchids, Kimono Aqua & Silver Capiz by Livinglass

Orchids, Kimono Aqua & Silver Capiz. Designed by Livinglass.

Lavawood Day & Lavawood Night by Livinglass

Lavawood Day & Lavawood Night. Designed by Livinglass.

Bamboo Rings by Livinglass

Bamboo Rings. Designed by Livinglass.

Custom Leaves in Luxe by Livinglass

Custom Leaves in Luxe. Designed by Livinglass.

Livinglass offers charitable donations of its products to qualifying organizations. As is important in any sustainable product, if any Livinglass panel should ever be slated for removal from its original location, they will donate it to an appropriate charitable organization. One great benefit of glass is its long life span which Livinglass recognizes, with their motto of “repurposing rather than recycling.”

Posted September 29th, 2010 by Amanda Smith

  • Common Sense

    So photoshoped images? Are they serious?

  • Greencritic

    The images aren’t photoshoped. This is what the product looks like when installed. Really.

  • Harrisonaard1

    Lavawood. Go, team. I’m with you. All I need is a big ‘ole.

  • net window sets

    This Eco-Friendly Glass is very stunning. I wonder what is the price?

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