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Decode London Previews Work for 100% Design

Seems we’re getting a feast for the eyes (and the stomachs—see Very Good & Proper) of London designers this week. This is apropos given that we’re about a month away from 100% Design London. Today’s lineup of UK Wunderkinds are brought together courtesy of Decode London.

giant Wire Light. Designed by Viable London.

This partnership between Londoners Ryan Malone and Giles Massie-Taylor began in October of 2007 with a very clear objective to “showcase the creative talent of London based designers… taking inspiration from London, they look to bring together many diverse elements with the vision to present a unified collection of progressive design that echoes the creativity of the Capital.”

So what does Decode have in store for the onset of Autumn A&D? Something old and something new, as the saying goes… Though in this case old is actually a handful of intriguing updates to proven designs by Viable London (giant Wire Light); Voonwong&bensonsaw (Tripod Stool); and the selfsame Mr. Malone (ReSpun Range). These products (in reverse order) are segments of industrial aluminum that are re-tooled into super-light and super-cool lampshades; a maze of 8 mm U-shaped steel rods fashioned into a perspective-defying kitchen stool; and a cage lamp that (depending on your mood) resembles a sculpture of spaghetti or a talismanic icon from The Arabian Nights.

Wire Light. Designed by Viable London.

Tripod Stool. Designed by Voonwong&bensonsaw.

ReSpun Range. Voonwong&bensonsaw

On to the new… The eagerly anticipated Shell by the aforementioned Voonwong&bensonsaw is a simple light-weight (this seems to be a theme) multi-purpose chair combining high-tech materials science with a slim and sleek aesthetic. Samuel Wilkinson’s Vessel is low on energy but high on style—the series includes the beautiful Plumen Handblown Lampshade (looks like a perfectly-realized version of a millennial mouse) and Wilkinson’s limited edition Plumen Bulb, “the first production designer low energy light bulb.” Last but definitely not least, Decode will feature an installation by digital/graphic design/textile artist Cristian Zuzunaga. The Barcelona-based artist is historically intrigued by the pixel and the cityscape, so, while no info. is currently available on the forthcoming installation, we can certainly hope for an exploration into this mesmerizing duality: “his graphic patterns derive from zooming in on images he has taken of cityscapes until the image is broken down into these infinitesimal geometric shapes. He is interested in the subtlety and uniqueness of color combinations that allows each image to exist, and in the unexpectedness of the patterns the pixels create.”

Vessel. Designed by Samuel Wilkinson.

Shell. Designed by Voonwong&bensonsaw.

Via despoke.

Posted September 8th, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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