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The Beta System Helps Your Workspace Grow

On the heels of last week’s Elements Desk System, by Agati this terrific Tuesday brings another re-vamping of the modular office. Beta by Pierandrei Associati for Tecno shares Elements’ yen for customized flexibility while striking out into unprecedented aesthetic territory. The system is designed on “evolutive” principles, meaning it can grow or contract in line with human patterns of movement, thus, “ rather than being a plain system, it is an actual environment, with a non-linear growth logic, which generates spaces without simply filling them.”

Beta. Designed by Pierandrei Associati for Tecno.

Tecno contrasts the organic disposition of Beta with the drab geometric cubicles of days' past. Indeed, Beta supplants this passé strategy by leaps and bounds. A workspace outfitted with Beta’s profusion of desktops, containers, furniture, and accessories is not only more conducive to worker productivity and satisfaction, it also accommodates greater densities as well. Thus, Beta offers a modular configuration that fits more happy workers per square inch.

The system handles the double exigencies of privacy and noise reduction, while also facilitating the shared spaces that today’s office demands. The key is Beta’s “backbone”—the Y-shaped modules that encourage Beta’s branching habit. The modules function as cabinetry/storage while also concealing electrical infrastructure, thus making it possible for your enterprise to grow beyond the building’s wiring constraints. Desktops in rectangular or oblong profiles (like an artist’s palette or the receiver on an old dial telephone) encourage different degrees of interactivity. And optional screens provide a greater level of privacy if needed.

Beta’s connectivity promotes productive interaction. The Y-shaped configuration makes it easier to confer with colleagues, and the physical linkage provides a metaphor that says we’re all in this together. And Beta’s high level of customization allows an occasional break with the chain—stand alone desks and informal coffee break areas create space for respite.

Beta is a recyclable product. Tecno has a dedicated service department to re-fashion worn or broken modules back into the chain of production, meaning Beta’s natural tendency for creative expansion continues well beyond the confines of the office walls.

Via Contemporist.
Posted August 10th, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez


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