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Navone’s Big Bug Buzz for Poliform

Crossing through borders is something Paola Navone does often in her journeys to and from Asia. Born and raised a true Italian, Navone's hometown of Turin is now merely a pitstop between speaking engagements, art directing, designing, and other creative endeavors that inundate her calendar. It's no question that Navone would also find a way to strategically morph seating and lounging typologies in a refined fashion.

Big Bug. Designed by Paola Navone.

The wide base of the Big Bug squats onto the floor of a room and demands attention. Measuring in with a width 1770 cm (70") x height 730 cm (29") x depth 1510 cm (59") it's not quite a couch, a loveseat or an armchair. In fact, the long extension of it's seat pushes out from its vertical backrest similar to a chaise longue, but with padding. Structurally, Poliform manufactures the Big Bug using a low density rigid polyurethane that they completely cover with hide. It can be covered in a wide array of thirty different fabrics and 5 types of leather, each coming in an entire rainbow of colors.

With the wild asymmetic positioning of an armrest on only one side, the Big Bug seems more related to a circular bed, depending on the time of day. But anytime you discuss design with Navone you'll be struck by her range and vast exploration as a designer. Take the Bug family of three, for instance: In addition to the Big Bug there is the plump Bug armchair and the Bed Bug that resembles an asymmetrical air mattress. As playful as her designs come across, the materials and quality that Poliform uses to bring Navone's ideas to life help to create a highly refined end result.

As Laura Anzani, the daughter of CEO Nino Anzani of Poliform, so eloquently told Interior Design Magazine upon completion of the LA Poliform showroom renovation in January 2010, "The strength behind Poliform is the passion in our team, working each day to improve the success of our corporation. The optimistic vibe and energy, together with high design products and quality of service, ensure client satisfaction."

Although all of Poliform's designs seem to hit the mark of excellence, the help of magnetic designs by Paola Navone only add to their worth as one of the most powerful Italian furniture companies in the world.
Posted August 12th, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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