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Have a Seat of Tea with JM Ferrero and Sancal

However you shake it, the candy shell and velvety interior of the Tea Collection by JM Ferrero for Sancal makes me hungry. The chairs come in an assortment of visually indulgent shades and materials - some green and purple like a fresh fig, others black and white like an oreo cookie, and even two shades of orange like a fresh nectarine.

Tea Collection. Designed by JM Ferrero for Sancal.

Industrial designer JM Ferrero belongs to his own studio since 2003 that he calls estudihac, but has been known to source much of his inspiration while visiting London. Ironically, the land of eternal tea times bled into the title of his collection for Sancal, but tea is not the only form of consumption occuring on the bold chairs. Nesting into one, the feeling of soft polyester-resin matte velvet chairs embraced by a tough, upholstered outer shell allows you to breathe a bit deeper. Besides appearing more comfortable than the stiff, antique sofas of Queen Elizabeth, the style of this Tea set is less English Breakfast and a more Moroccan mint. No delicate, spindly arms or intricate floral patterns here - these chairs are built to endure royal storms with a thick base slightly curved from the seat back to the base and lusciously textured, inside and out.

Ferrero is originally from the coastal city of Valencia in Spain, but returns to London as often as possible. In fact, just days ago he mentioned in his blog, "we come back to enjoy, to disconnect, to go walkabout, to meet again with friends and to impregnate ourselves with the 'British Style' and we return with renowed energies..." With plans to add to his Tea Collection's three items - the chair, a larger armchair and petite sofa - we will hopefully be seeing more from Ferrero and Sancal in the near future!
Posted August 19th, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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