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The Headless Ostrich Console Table by Ibride

Animal themed furniture is usually reserved for children: the Eames Elephant immediately comes to mind as one of the classier examples of an animal shaped piece. Other typical forms of animal decor include the use of the hide, which can be used as an upholstery or a rug. I’ve seen a lot of cowhide on the market recently, on everything from pillows to chairs to area rugs, which I like both for its rural American roots and its innocence. Compared to leopard or zebra, there is nothing sexy about a cowhide pillow.

Ostrich Table. Designed by Ibride.

Speaking of exotic animals, lets take a look at the Ostrich Table by Ibride. The table is literally half an ostrich made out of a series of flat silhouettes and ribs which create a 3-dimensional sculpture. The wood is a high pressure laminate with a pre-recycled wood core, so unlike its real-life inspiration, there is no chance of extinction. The piece is a laser cutter master piece, which takes an oddly shaped animal and reduces it to the most important lines and displays them in black. An ostrich silhouette in black, (diva black to be specific) with its legs coyly crossed, is about as mysterious and sultry as a giant flightless bird can wish to be. The head of the ostrich is no where to be found, it may be buried in the sand or lopped off for a little peace and quiet. Either way, the resulting side table is oddly elegant and unexpected.

Posted August 24th, 2010 by Amanda Smith

  • Michelle Sieger

    I really like this table. Surprised there aren’t any comments because if I had the time, I can fill up a page with comments - it’s such a graceful table and it somehow elates me, though I’m not sure why the headless part doesn’t gross me out. I like it in a strange sort of way. It’s mysterious, proud, regal, exotic. What else?

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