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Urbancase Invites You to Step Out Onto “The Ledge”

Though “The Ledge” might sound like a great title for a mountaineering/rock climbing adventure pic (perhaps featuring Shia LaBeouf!), it is, in fact, a “discreet cord management system, drawer, and pullout shelf/work surface” manufactured by Seattle-based Urbancase. This eight-year old denizen of the Queen City is helmed by sculptor/metal worker Darin Montgomery, a designer and artist with his sights set squarely on a sustainable future.

The Ledge. Designed by Urbancase.

In mind of the increasing constraints of dwindling space and vanishing resources, Montgomery is principally concerned with spare design for the bare essentials—“our philosophy is to create objects that contribute to a simpler, pared back lifestyle focusing on basic aesthetic elements and functionality.”

The aesthetic of “The Ledge” is shiny, sleek, and slim. The multi-functional piece juts out from the wall like a shelf of rock suspended over a deep ravine—at least, that seems to be the metaphor Urbancase is after. In this case, however, your floor will have to pass for the ravine, the space between it and the Ledge’s underside mercilessly free of a bulky understructure or superfluous cabinetry. So what can the Ledge do? Create a perpetually transformable space for your laptop or stereo; easily manage unsightly cordage; serve as counter space for books, mail, or assorted knick-knacks; even work as an impromptu station for alcohol assembly (I picture short glasses, a martini shaker, and a bevy of mini vodkas gracing the nifty slide-out shelf).

If you require a choice of guises for your personal Ledge, choose from painted MDF or Solid Walnut. And if you’d like to devise even further uses for the piece, request the companion Ledge Shelves. Just a bit of extra green gets you this adjustable aluminum shelving system, perfect for holding envelopes, DVDs, CDs, or toothpicks and olives: the extra feature integrates so seamlessly, you’ll hardly know it’s there…

Posted August 23rd, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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