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Element 790

If you’ve noticed that the company Humanscale seems to make multiple and frequent appearances on 3rings, that’s only because they’re consistently true to the promise of the name. The NYC-based company is a think tank focused on all things homo sapiens; that is to say, they built their reputation on creating products that conform to our species’ natural inclinations. Humanscale is dedicated to building “ergonomic tools for a more comfortable workplace… innovative seating, monitor arms, lighting, keyboard supports, and other ergonomic solutions to improve the health, efficiency and quality of work life.”

Element 790 . Designed by Humanscale.

Among that roster of potential improvements, perhaps the most lauded are the advancements in LED technology as seen in this year’s Horizon Task Light and Last Year’s Element. Today’s good news for fans of an eye and brain-friendly work place is that they’ve improved on a classic: Element 790 debuted a couple weeks back at NeoCon. While it owes a large conceptual debt to its ancestor, it’s a stronger, faster, friendlier, and handsomer version of its predecessor.

Element 790 sports the same MCX LED technology as the original—meaning tremendous wattage generation at low power-outputs and easier LED bulb switchouts—along with a slew of improvements: more wattage output (90,000 vs Element’s 70,000), a passive infrared sensor for automatic shut-off (it senses the absence of body heat); an intuitive dimmer switch for easy adjustment to the room’s conditions and the user’s preference; 19 mounting options, including easy adaptations for systems furniture; and a universally-adaptable interchangeable plug for international outlet compatibility. As with all their products, Humanscale has incorporated a high-degree of sustainability into Element 790. The lamp “contains up to 81% recycled and 99% recyclable content, and ships in 70% recycled packaging.” Finally, Element 790 features an expanded palette of attractive colors—white, silver, metallic red, and black.

Via FastCompany.

Posted June 29th, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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