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Tegolasolare Integrated Terracotta Solar Panel

Solar panels are a known entity of sustainable design. I would venture to guess that most people could identify a solar panel on a roof or in a field, which speaks to the solar panels distinctive look. While the iconography of the solar panel denotes sustainability and an awareness of energy use, it is a very specific look that is not always in character with the surroundings. In some residential communities solar panels are not allowed, or they are limited to non-visible portions of the roof. This is problematic in bringing solar panels into the mainstream, as well as prohibiting them from being properly positioned to work effectively.

Tegolasolare’s Terracotta Solar Panel.

Tegolasolare is an Italian company that is working to bring historical architectural language into the modern world through solar panels. By combining tradition and modernity, they have developed a roofing tile made from a red clay spray-dried ceramic mix that looks like tradition terracotta tile, but with an embedded photovoltaic panel. Italians know better than anyone the constraints of building regulations at work in historic centers, so who better to offer a solution.



The basic “Tegolasolare” tile is a true roof tile, in both form, material and installation. A solar power panel containing four photovoltaic cells is installed on the roofing tile with ceramic body mix. The panels are then linked together to create a photovoltaic field, which may cover the whole roof or a small portion. The nature of the tile allows for the replacement of one or more damaged panels, or if necessary, higher-technology panels can be introduced over time. Oddly enough, Tegolasolare’s return to history is a huge step forward for the solar panel industry.

Posted June 2nd, 2010 by Amanda Smith

  • Is there more of an aerial shot of how this looks from above? I would love to see that.

  • very interesting concept,
    Functional and practical

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  • Kimberly Gibbs

    This is the future of “Eco Friendly Roofing”. I work in the Luxury Home industry in Scottsdale, Arizona and have been waiting for something like this to come along. I’m all for going green as much as possible but never liked the look of Solar Panels. This is PERFECT!! Let me know if I can help here in Scottsdale.

  • Swapan das

    I am interested in the terracota solar panels.
    Will appreciate if I can receive more info about it .

    Thanks .
    Best regards

  • Wow, these are great, especially in neighborhoods that don’t allow solar panels.

  • What is the absolute maximum amount of energy that solar panels can get?

  • “Standard production potential data for south-facing roof with gradient of 20/30° for 1 kW/pvp: energy produced/year (KWh)1300” - via

    For further information I’d check their website. But I am happy to help with further investigation.

  • Anonymous

    Like the way these are a little more subtle than standard solar panels and blend in well with the roof tiles.

  • I never thought that solar panels could be so stylish. Beside from being so useful when it comes to energy it is also helpful when it comes in design. 

  • Chris H

    Kimberly, I have a project in Scottsdale that I am interested in incorporating something like this into.  Have you done anything with these since your year old post?

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