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The Moon System by Zaha Hadid for B&B Italia

Year after year I am amazed at the number of couches that are designed, distributed, purchased, and used daily to relax and rehash the day. It’s not because I don’t like sofas, it’s because let’s face it, peripheral vision conversation is NOT comfortable for anyone - especially if you’re the one stuck in the middle - no matter how cushioned it may be. How is it then that we discard the potential of making lively eye contact just to keep our furniture in line with the stereotypical, flat-to-the-wall aesthetic of our space?

The Moon System by Zaha Hadid for B&B Italia.

Though Zaha Hadid and I may or may not be in agreement on this matter, I would like to believe that great minds think alike for the sake of proving that I was instantly drawn to the Moon System sofa she designed for B&B Italia. Designed in black or gold, it resembles the moon with an orbiting foot rest arched exactly like the moon, as if it is the missing link to a solar puzzle, solving the storytelling and footrest dilemma in one inviting swoop.

The Moon System uses a soft angle with the look of a contour, single block sofa - given the back, seat cushion, and armrest appear as if they were carved out of a solid, padded meteor.

Not lacking in metallic sheen, Hadid recommends placing the solid black or gold sofa in the middle of the room give its subtle, almost theatrical quality with the asymmetrical curve that changes from different vantage points. The Moon System understands that its story, and yours, are equally important to share.

Posted May 21st, 2010 by Sonja Hall

  • TYC

    That is an absolutely crazy looking coach & ottoman… I really want to sit in it. The shape is inviting and its contours appear to offer many different positions for an occupant to enjoy his/her leisure.
    Way to open your minds eye.

  • Ari Wekku Saaski

    Looks great, but it’s not deep enough to have real comfort.
    I would add good 40cm for horizontal seating area.

    Keep on going Zaha Hadid, it’s good design.

    Ari Wekku Saaski

  • spasmody

    I like Zaha Hadid, but she has been better

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