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Four Works Workstation Reinvents Workspace

Confession: the amount of time I spend on or at a computer would likely repulse the average person. It's possible that I'm developing carpal tunnel and poor vision, but that seems unavoidable in the modern age - does't it? Anyhow, the laptop is both a blessing and a curse: it enables you to work from the comfort of your sofa or bed, but potentially stints your productivity as a result. So, where does it make sense to try to get your work done? Do you preference comfort or efficiency? The answer likely different for each of us, but maybe we don't have to choose.

Four Works. Designed by Swanique Design for Four Design.

Conceived by Patricia Terrazas and Michael Swan (Swanique Design); and developed by Danish studio Four Design, Four Works merges a writing desk and a lounge chair. It integrates a lamp, a shelf for laptop, a site for the coffee and the telephone, and of the arrangements for the peripherals and the cables. Everything you need, at your fingertips - and in the comfort of a cushioned armchair. Whether you're looking to reinvent the Starbucks model through the creation of a more efficient workspace for coffee-addicts; or simply create a relaxed, non-traditional office environment, this could be the wave of the future, reinventing where we work.

With the number of freelancers increasing exponentially, the success of a product like this seems more likely now than ever before. The question remains: could you work here?

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Posted March 1st, 2010 by Jenny Rector


  • Stewart Hart says:

    Hell no I couldn’t work in that torture chamber! I’d be in terrible back pain after trying to get anything done in that ergonomic nightmare.

  • Jenny Rector says:

    I suppose that’s fair! What’s your ideal work environment then?

  • Irene Turner says:

    LOVE this…I see many applications both for home offices and commercial usage ie; by the pool at a resort; cruise ships, deck side; airports; hotels…will include in my next blog post on home offices! Thanks

  • Kurt Roberts says:

    30 - 90 minutes max.
    Internet Cafes
    University Libraries
    My college apartment
    My tween’s bedroom
    But probably not in my office.
    Now, add the kick-out footrest (aka recliner) and I know where to recharge during lunch.

  • Jenny Rector says:

    Irene and Kurt - absolutely! I think the primary applications for this piece are in fact commercial settings. We’re already using our laptops all of these places, but sitting uncomfortably in order to do so. And Kurt, I too am in favor of the footrest idea.
    Thanks for your comments!

  • I love it. This just oozes productivity! Where do I buy it?!

  • Linda says:

    If the laptop shelf were bigger and had little raised edges, it would be a perfect place for making jewelry. And put drawers in the top level of the bookcase on the side. Not only would I want one, but I could see them as pefect little self-contained student cubbies for teaching.

  • Dawn Terrick says:

    As a writer, I am always in need of space for my books, loose notes and notebook where I can review my notes and quickly jot down ideas as they come to me. A feature directly to the left or right of the laptop placement to accommodate this need would be an addition I would appreciate.

  • Johanne says:

    Absolutly love it!
    school classes
    my kids rooms
    Defenitly with the recliner foot rest and if the laptop table could also incline that would be super!
    Could there be speakers as well?
    let me know where I can buy these!

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