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Davis Furniture’s Prime Chair Series Creates Friction

Designing a new stacking chair - that is reasonably priced, and for the contract market - is not an easy feat. It needs at least one innovative feature to set it apart from the others. Davis Furniture's new Prime Chair Series has just that: a ribbed seat to provide a great gripping surface when seated (and of course to look cool too). Beyond that, it manages to incorporate features often eliminated from the "price-sensitive" category.

Prime Chair. Designed by Davis Furniture.

If you've ever been seated on a smooth surface in smooth clothing (say silk for example) - you've experienced the slippage that can occur: at its worst when rotating, perching or getting in and out. This lack of friction can make for the perceived or actual lack of stability - or worse yet, an embarassing moment. With the Prime Chair Series, ribbed veneer is actually pressed into the surface as the shell is formed.

Visually, the supporting frame exudes lightness and clarity. In actuality, stringent horizontal structures and craftsmanship make for a strong structure fit for large-scale environments such as cafeterias or training rooms - everything from auditoriums to simple side seating. The low density stacking chair features a waterfall front, also known as a forward sloping seat (where the back of the seat is higher than the front edge), ensuring ergonomic comfort and providing for optimum blood circulation during long sitting sessions. Few price-sensitive stacking chairs manage to incorporate this feature. Furthermore, Prime's sculptured wood frame takes on a concave/convex shape to provide optimal comfort - and the "splayed design of the arms allows the user to sit comfortably because of the slight flex of the chair arms (whose caps are high-impact black rubber).




"Arm or armless, upholstered or not upholstered…Prime expresses the powers of persuasion through clarity of design at the right price...Prime chairs can stack eight high in veneer laminate or six high with upholstery. A cart is also available for easy transportation of the chairs.
Posted January 29th, 2010 by Jenny Rector

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