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Scrap Lights from graypants Herald a Brighter Future

Following in the footsteps of fabulous artists and designers like Eric Johnston and Ubico Studio, Seattle-based graypants, inc. is getting lots of material from their local dumpsters and turning it into design gold. Corrugated cardboard collected from waste receptacles and local businesses makes up Scrap Lights, the handmade pendant lamps that come in three shapes: Disc, Hive, and Bell. UL-listed and available as either hard-wired or plug-and-switch swag lights, Scrap Lights look like chocolate truffles. When illuminated, swirls of light and dark brown trouble the surface of the pendant lamps.

Scrap Lights. Designed by graypants.

All three styles have their own appeal: Disc hovers like a flying saucer; Hive hangs like a deflating soufflé; and Bell floats like a towering hairdo. Scrap Lights can be ordered with either black or white cords; hard-wired cords measure 4 or 8 feet long, and swag cords measure 15 feet. By contacting graypants, inc., you can also order custom cord lengths. Bundle them together for a striking effect. Galaxies of the Disc Scrap Lights look great in bars and restaurants. A trio of Hive lamps transforms the kitchen island. And a bunch of Bell lights add drama to hotel lobbies with soaring ceilings. Hoteliers, restaurateurs, and gourmands agree: Scrap Lights have appeared in Architectural Record, Interior Design, and Bon Appetit.








Architects Seth Grizzle, Jonathan Junker, and Jon Gentry are the three geniuses behind these repurposed lamps. They formed graypants, inc. from “a desire to make a difference through design.” So far, they are succeeding. A plan to team up with Refugee Women’s Alliance in order to provide craft-based work is in the works. Scrap Lights are living up to their lofty aim—“creating a brighter future.”

Posted January 19th, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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    we are inspired by the hidden potential of the things around us and we are always interested in taking discussions about efficiency and creativity further. let us know what you think!

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    Beautiful pieces!

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    Love them and your ethic. Beautiful and innovative!

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    we too make a lotof stuff fromnews paper may be you would like to be our agent for us please advice thank you Biba Moses

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