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Cage Group Marries Diesel and Foscarini

Fashion and design are becoming more and more intertwined—pretty soon we’ll be approaching pretzel territory, where we won’t be able to find where design starts and where fashion ends. Inventive lighting company Foscarini—who brought us the bejeweled Caboche and the sexy Tress—has teamed up with Diesel (yes, the jeans people) as part of Diesel’s Successful Living line for the home. We’ve previously covered Diesel’s unique X-ray Group of tables and room dividers, which was inspired by radiographic imaging.

Cage Suspension. Designed by Diesel and Foscarini.

Now we’d like to discuss Diesel’s line of lighting, produced in conjunction with Foscarini—quite the dynamic duo as it turns out. In fact, what they’ve produced might come straight from the pages of a graphic novel: equal parts noir, industrial, and linear, Cage represents the “underground in the real sense of the word.” Inspired by the protected lamps of miners, Cage reinterprets the caged bulb, giving it a new spin—mostly in its new shape. Irregular and bulbous, the Cage Lamp’s exoskeleton is an artistic recreation of the original.




The lacquered metal of Cage is available in white, black, and green, as is the blown glass shade held within the structure. The light itself changes from white to black to blue “according to the use of the lamp, lighting up a space when it is switched off, or taking on completely new shades when it is turned on.” The Cage group includes a table, floor, and suspension lamp, although it is the table version that echoes the original most loudly. I am a big fan of the construction cage light in its primordial form, so interpretations also appeal to me (for more of my waxings on this topic, see Spaghetti Chandelier and Cage Group by Dare Studio). However, I am dubious of Diesel’s grandiose claim that Cage “is a personal object that will satisfy all your desires.” My desires, for one, are far too great to be caged.

Posted January 5th, 2010 by Alicita Rodriguez

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