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Anfora Lamps, Designed by Herranz for lfz

Lfz, an innovative lighting company out of Valencia, Spain, released its Light and Nature Collection, unveiling a group of fluid, shapely lamps including Anfora. Available as a floor, suspension, and table lamp, Anfora intertwines thin pieces of wood veneer to create an infinity symbol ad infinitum. Try to follow one strip of "natural timber" (their term, though I must point out that those words together form a rather enigmatic redundancy—a redundancy that actually might perfectly symbolize the form of Anfora) and you will without a doubt become trapped inside the sinuous sweeps of the lamp.

Anfora Lamps. Designed by Miguel Herrnaz for Ifz.

Designer Miguel Herranz intended such a labyrinthine journey: "It's three dimensional shade means that what looks to be outside is in, and what looks to be inside is out." The suspension lamp comes in three sizes: 76, 100, and 155 centimeters high; the floor lamp measures 160 cm H and the table lamp 76 cm H. You can use globe bulbs or a halogen light to illuminate the curvy Anfora, the Spanish name for amphora, a wonderfully robust jar used by the Greeks and Romans to carry wine and oil. Anfora comes in Gaudi-esque colors; designer Herranz is not afraid to be bold. The large pendant Anfora Lamps in red and orange belong on the set of the next Almodóvar movie (I'm still waiting for Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and I have a long list of candidates). The subtler green and grey Anfora lamps might grace the floors of Zambia's Mfuwe Lodge, alongside the elephants who regularly trek through the lobby.




A group of white Anfora lamps—table, pendant, and floor varieties—should be sprinkled around the White Hotel in Brussels, alongside its Aarnio Bubble Chairs and Sticks Room Dividers. Whatever color fulfills your desires, Anfora delivers intoxicatingly shapely illumination that you can get lost in—what lfz terms "a living light sculpture." If you reside in the united States, get your Anfora via Global Lighting in New York state.

Posted December 15th, 2009 by Alicita Rodriguez

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