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SDesignunit’s Glass Vase

Although the early nineties aren’t looked back upon favorably in terms of fashion, I hope you’ll agree that the popularization of 'neon' is something we’ve all benefited from.  Neon colored glowsticks were the rage - worn day and night on hands, wrists, necks and ankles.  Some of your fondest 1990's moments likely occurred while you were decked out in these classic, gender-neutral accessories.   They've since been adapted into other products and purposes including the most recent: SDESIGNUNIT's Light Vase series.

Light Vase. Designed by SDESIGNUNIT in collaboration with Lee youn-choul and Jung chang-gwon.

Rather than a lamp which hides the light source, the lamp becomes the light source. This has been the premise for glow sticks and their predecessors.  The chronicling of recent modern-day adaptations on 3Rings has included Zoon's Blind LED Light, paving a safe route through stairwells and Roger Borg's Modern Neon Lamps, giving sculptural forms to an already bold material.  SDESIGNUNIT's Light vase is a series of glass vessels designed to combine with neon "filaments" to create lighting installations.  It is the result of a collaboration between Lee youn-choul, responsible for the glass craft and Jung chang-gwon, the Neon Artist.





Vases have long been confined to the flower industry.  This new series makes use of the reflective properties of glass with the fire-colored filaments to create a warm, glowing effect.
Posted November 24th, 2009 by Jenny Rector


  • […] Sdesignnuit’s Light Vase collection, with its lighting-like aesthetic, proved that pairing up glass with light can produce some great effects. The glass hooks in the contemporary Tessuti lamps are made according to the Murano artistic techniques, available in a simple crystal clear finish and in color variations including transparent amber or smoky-grey, and opaque white glass. They too take advantage of the glass’s property of reflectivity. Choose from chromatic standard combinations or create your own. […]

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