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Axolo’s Exence: Transforms Counter Space into a Sink

First came aquariums: glass sided pools or glass tanks in which living aquatic animals or plants are kept. Then sleek infinity pools began to introduce the glass-sided feature into luxury hotels and domestic settings. Now, Axolo’s Exence takes the trend to our bathrooms. Scaled-down, domesticated and accessible, it “is an exceptional equilibrium of lines and volumes in a synthesis formed by simplicity and refinement.”

Exence. Designed by Giovanni Ronzoni, Luisia Frigeria and Fabrizio Proserpio for Axolo.

Designed by Giovanni Ronzoni, Luisia Frigeria and Fabrizio Proserpio, Exence is “an absolute protagonist in the innovation and in the development of the furnishing concept according to Axolo in order to transform everyday life into everyday living.”  The refined Italian design is a far cry from your traditional functional bathroom fixtures.  Sculptural and fluid, the “counter surface” morphs into a sink.  A rectangular column structures the system, anchoring the unit to the ground and providing drainage for the sink, a surface for the faucet and storage. Its solid form provides sharp contrast to the ethereal glass sink which emerges from the wall and appears to float over the ground. “First quality materials, among which multi-layered wood lacquered with ebony, the sinuous form of the washbasin realized with curves crystal integrated into the furniture, the mixing tap and siphon inserted into the rigorous [structure] become the maximum expression of aesthetics.”


Charles Martino’s Fold sink for I Conci, a freestanding sink with its subtle creasing affect (achieved in a two-inch thick slab of marble) is another example of sculptural and unconventional bathroom design.  Neither piece solves storage concerns or strives to be the ultimate in functionality - but instead operates as a piece of art.

Posted September 16th, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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  • Rebecca

    Jenny: The Axolo Crystal sink has been such a disaster for us. We installed it in our master bathroom a few years ago. We treated it very carefully - wiped it down after every use so the crystal wouldn’t get water spots, and we never placed anything heavier than a tooth brush and a soap dish on top of it. Three years after we installed the sink it came apart at the seam and crashed to the floor nearly crushing a woman beneath it who was checking out the tearing sound. The company will not stand behind this sink and says that it only has a one year warranty! For a sink that retails for more than $10,000 this is ridiculous. We really feel it is a liability for anyone to install this sink - not to mention the company just won’t stand behind it. I wish I knew how to get our money back that we spent on this sink AND the installation.

  • Jenny

    Rebecca - Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this! Apparently, the company hasn’t worked out the inevitable kinks and issues that surround “innovation”. That’s what the development phase is for, pre-production of course.

    Again, thanks for the note of warning. It is very much appreciated!

  • Kaui

    Wondering if after 5 years this innovative company has been able to assist you in the realm of compensation or replacement? The same scenario has happened to us this weekend and we are still in a state of shock.

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