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Danskina’s Grano Rug: Contemporary ‘Cashmere’ Underfoot

Who needs slippers when you can have a cashmere sweater underfoot? Beyond looking good, Danskina’s contemporary rugs are soft to the touch, plush and pleasant to walk on. "Warm, soft wool sweaters" in the words of some proud owners. Rather than patterned textiles, as seen with the striped patterns on RAW rugs by Union Eighteen or Four Season and Jetstream by Kyle Bunting for Holly Hunt, Danskina uses monotone palettes enriched with texture. 

Grano. Designed by Christaine Müller.

Danskina's Grano rug , designed by Christiane Müller, is both natural and durable: made of 100% pure new wool with its characteristic elasticity, flame retardance and resistance to dirt. “Like all natural products, the structure of the material changes depending on how the product is treated.” The yarn has a short pile (17mm) and this structure can open up. As this occurs, the core color becomes increasingly visible. Thus, areas of the rug that endure more traffic will expose more of the structure of the yarn. In other words, the rug won’t remain homogenous, with a uniform surface. This you can either celebrate – or even out by turning the rug around regularly. Either way, this is its distinguishing feature – the structure of the yarn with its differently colored, interior core structure.   Grano comes 20 colors:  rich or soothing, soft or bold.




Danskina produces hand-tufted, hand-woven & amp; hand-knotted area rugs from the Netherlands. Custom made to the specific needs of our clients, they currently find their way to 26 countries.
Posted August 31st, 2009 by Jenny Rector

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