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Fambuena’s Sultry Swing Chandelier

Spanish company Fambuena, headquartered in the juicy-sounding Valencia, has got sex appeal. Their lighting glitters and gleams like a fine-cut diamond. Their lamps make sensuous silhouettes. It's hard to decide if you want to use Fambuena to illuminate or to inspire. Fambuena creates a mood—sultry, seductive, and slinky. They've got sculptural lamps as voluptuous as Sophia Loren (Ossy and Lazslo); geometric lamps as dynamic as Boccioni art (Bizarre and Les Racines); and spherical lamps as globular as moonscapes (Hoop and Back Light).

Swing Chandelier. Designed by Nicole Nerboni for Fambuena.

Even the names of their Collections evoke the erotic: Material Romance and Highlights. Fambuena interprets "the light and the spaces" by focusing on "the ambients and emotions created through the language of objects." Their designs speak the language of love. The Swing Chandelier, in particular, merits attention. A suspension lamp counterbalanced by a cylindrical weight in black chrome or glossy white, Swing can be adjusted and readjusted to your heart's content. You can elevate or drop Swing's height to your soul's delight. This feature makes Swing interactive and kinetically appealing (much like Moooi's Brave New World Lamp).


Swing Chandelier. Designed by Nicola Nerboni for Fambuena.


Les Racines. Designed by Vicente García for Fambuena.


Bizarre. Designed by Vicente García Jiménez for Fambuena.

Designed by Nicola Nerboni, Swing also pleases our senses with its dancing fringe, teasing cotton strands that cascade in saturated color. The flapper-like shades come in white, black, carmine red, sage green, light grey, violet, brown, and flax (which is alluring enough to be renamed champagne). In two sizes, regular and XL, Swing transforms any room into an "environment of glamour and primacy." A group of XL Swings in white belongs in the Delano lobby. One original Swing in violet would hang nicely above each table in Amsterdam's Bodega Keyzer. A group of both Swing sizes in Brown and Flax could grace the famed Skywalker Ranch Library. Wherever you put Swing, it will "make shine the spaces of the world," as Fambuena puts it.
Posted May 21st, 2009 by Alicita Rodriguez

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