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For Simplicity’s Sake: MDF Italia’s LIM 04 Table

The concept is simple: unlike your traditional table, the surface is built into the frame rather than resting on it. The design is in the details: no visible joints, only clean lines and smooth surfaces. This range of tables exemplifies simplicity at its best. MDF Italia’s LIM 04 series, designed by B. Fattorini, includes a variety of table sizes and heights from a low coffee table to a sleek extension table. 

LIM 04 Table. Designed by B. Fattorini for MDF Italia.

“The removal of what is not essential, and the intense search for simplicity has resulted in the creation of functional and visually pleasant products: simple is nice.” according to the company. The 9mm surface is recessed into the table’s surrounding aluminum frame. From the side, one sees only the simple profile of a clean aluminum frame. From the top, the frame, available in either natural anodized or polished aluminum, creates a clean border around the surface.  The wide variety of surface colors and materials allows for a varied aesthetic, from classic to bold.  MDF Italia’s continual research in material innovation and  structural methodology has resulted in a “hard-to-reach but dynamic balance between the tension of subtraction and the need to add to products only what is essential to be understood.”




Keramik, soon to be a patented MDF Italia surface, is made of a glass panel and a satin finished 3 mm thick ceramic plate (in white, anthracite grey, light grey or medium grey). Glass surface options include tempered glass (clear or frosted), mirrored glass and lacquered tempered glass (orange, black, red, light grey, green, yellow, white). Anodized aluminum supported by a clear glass panel, an ash grey oak veneered panel, and HPL, a high-pressure stratified melamine laminate with structural aluminium (white) provide additional, varied surface aesthetics. The newest is the LG HI-MACS top in an Alpine White finish; 75% of LG HI-Macs is composed of natural minerals and very fine acrylic, masspigmented in white.  Colors, Keramic and LIM 45 are based on the same design as LIM 04 but introduce different materiality in the frames and surfaces.

Rectangular tables are available in 15 size options, square tables in 10, rectangular coffee tables in 15, and square coffee tables in 12; each comes in 2 different heights.  The extension table operates with an extractable frame made with chromium-plated steel bars sliding on bushes. The table extensions (MDF chipboard veneeered in anodized aluminum only) are fitted into guides under the table frame.The extension table has been repeat occurence on 3Rings lately, namely FurnID’s Propeller Table and the NNX table by Royal Botania for the outdoors.  Certain material selections of MDF Italia’s LIM series are also suitable for outdoor use: those with an anodized aluminium frame either an aluminium or ceramic top.

Posted April 22nd, 2009 by Jenny Rector

  • royal creme

    I rather prefer this in the first image, in gray. Very nice lines.

  • JJ

    it’s awesome! is there a longer version available?

  • Jenny Rector

    Hi JJ— There are many size options available… the longest being the extention table. Check out this pdf for all of the possibilities:

    Hope that helps!

  • Jenny Rector

    I have to agree that the first image is in fact the nicest. Clean, light and simple; with the legs being steel, the gray top is (in my opinion) best.

  • Alicita Rodriguez

    It looks great in black and orange as well.

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