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Alexandra Von Furstenberg Limited Edition Furniture Collection

Picture this: Neon hues, sleek translucence and a re-invented deco decadence. I'm not alluding to the swinging seventies or the obligatory retro night at your local nightclub. I'm talking rather, about the furniture line from Alexandra Von Furstenberg. Even those of us who don’t keep up with Page 6 are familiar with the Von Furstenberg name - none other than Alexandra’s ex mother-in-law Diane created the now iconic wrap dress (think Cybill Shepard in Taxi Driver). (Side note: It's actually Alexandra who is credited for reviving the wrap dress during her stint at DVF).

Radiant Table. Designed by Alexandra von Furstenberg.

Her limited edition furniture collection is made from lucite and consists of tables that are made to order. Each table in the design collection is numbered and prices range from anywhere from $7,000 to $60,000. With an ongoing dissolution of boundaries between luxury, design and fashion, it doesn’t surprise me that Furstenberg lists fashion and diamonds as her primary sources of inspiration. This may irk the purists who sometimes accuse the line of being celebrity driven, however I feel that all of the pieces exhibits brilliant moments of fashion whimsy and reflect Furstenberg's joie de vivre attitude.

The Radiant Cocktail Table with its planes and legs of fluorescent lime and the prism-edged Trillion Tables (pictured below) basking in its self-indulgent, luxurious style are among my absolute favorites. The collection may be stuff of pure fantasy however the modern construction of its pieces exhibits intermittent flashes of sincerity. It is for this reason that one can’t label Furstenberg’s creative endeavor as frivolous.

Trillion Tables. Designed by Alexandra von Furstenberg.

It’s clear that Furstenberg is not shy of playing with forms, colors and shapes when it comes to both fashion and furniture. Though the riot of vibrant colors and her embrace of neon may be off-putting to some, I believe that Alexandra von Furstenberg's design infuse a welcome splash of energy and an injection of sleek glamor that bring the transparent lucite alive.
Posted February 9th, 2009 by Tanya Palta


  • dsgnr says:

    I wonder if she’ll ever manage to sell any … I mean if I had money to spend 60,000 in a table my choice would never be this tables, they just feel so “empty” of intelligence, content, beauty and quality.

  • Tanya Palta says:

    From what I have read, she sold a couple during her first exhibition. And you never know what catches the fancy of rich folks 🙂

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  • Designer09 says:

    Another Socialite trying to do something with her life…She didn’t even design them…

  • gabby karan says:

    this lame-ass brat has no talent whatsoever!!!! i agree w/Designer09…she’s just another hollywood brat socialite trying to do something w/her lame life!!!

    the fact that these hollywood bitch brats can hire any immigrant worker to make their shit, and any infatuated idiot design things for them is soooooo pathetic!!!!

    $60,000 for this shit?? wtf?? i rather piss on it!!
    also, i love how the bitch loves to use her ex’s sir name ….money hungry whore!

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