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The Lost & Found Furniture Collection

Recycle. Reclaim. Reduce. These words might as well be the new mantra in A&D. The concept of “going green” is no longer privy to a select few as more and more designers are showing a predilection towards environmental issues. Designing for a sustainable future is no doubt multifarious but consider the alternative… a completely inorganic modern landscape.

Lost & Found Furniture Collection. Designed and manufactured by &made.

The Lost & Found Furniture Collection by UK-based design studio, &made exemplifies the immense synergy amid land and its produce. All stools and tables in the collection are “found and rescued from the streets to be regenerated and produced into items of furniture”. By reusing discards and highlighting nature’s textures and patterns,  &made also affirms how environment, aesthetics, and manufacturing can all complement each other.

The Lost & Found Stools and Tables are available in a range of colors and the entire collection is also available on commission for bespoke items of furniture. Unlike most designs that spiral into the “Green Mode,” the Lost & Found collection doesn’t resort to gimmicks and preserves its primordial properties effectively. Interestingly the dramatic colors that contrast strongly with the wooden finish is what makes the collection so very unique, at times effervescent and at others ambiguous.

Says &made: “(the collection) reflects the throw away culture of today and addressing the issue of disregarded furniture.” Designing with a conscience is a noble thought but we must also remember that good design is not reachable to all and sundry. “Going Green” may be fashionable, but espousing the organic and abjuring the plastic is not as easy it seems. However the Lost & Found collection doesn’t suffer from the same fate and the decision to use salvaged furniture makes for an immediate impact.

Posted November 19th, 2008 by Tanya Palta

  • Joshua Hoffman, Joshuas Trees

    I like the concept, but have problems with the functionality of the design and the use of wood, Cross sections of trees will crack over time and degrade if they are cut and used in this manner. What about the attachments of the seats to the leg structure? Recycling street and “dumpster” materials is an interesting concept but understanding the dynamics of materials remains important to design as well.

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  • Nicholaz8525

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