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Javn Floor Design

We have just over an hour left before the Cooper Hewitt People's Design Awards winner is announced at this evening's Awards Gala in New York City. And that's just enough time to discuss one final nominee worth heavy praise, that being Javn Floor Design.

Javn Floor Design.

To properly introduce Javn Floor Design, I'd like to invite everyone into my home (all the way in India). I don’t know about you, but the wooden flooring in my family home evokes many thoughts and memories. A witness to all the family shenanigans, this permanent fixture has weathered numerous spills, many falls, and left an impact for far longer than its expected run! Thus it comes as no surprise that my old beaten down floor deserves a much-needed makeover. Personally speaking, I would love to have makeover Guru Nate Berkus around, but I cannot be emailing Oprah all day long and so I am thrilled to learn of Javn Floor Design.

Javn Floor Design is dealing solely with floors, and fortunately for me they specialize in wooden floors in particular. A brainchild of designer Jorge Americo Vasquez N, each design is a multi-dimensional vision that touches upon a multitude of moods and sentiments. If I have piqued your curiosity then you would be interested to know that Javn shows a predilection towards techniques likes stenciling and hand-painting and also shows an affinity to geometric patterns.

According to Jorge Americo Vasquez N, his creations are  “inexpensive and a fast way to cover up a wood floor that may need work.” The stenciled patterns can be applied directly to floors and Javn Design also offers 100% customization.

Design Purists (and by that I mean my dad) may find painting over wooden floors akin to sacrilege. But some may also argue that these abstract forms not only grabs attention, but also sing an opus reflecting creativity and meticulous thought.  So if you like what you see then head on over to the Cooper Hewitt People’s Design Awards website for more details... in fact, head on over for dessert (chocolate covered strawberries and champagne) at tonight's Dinner Gala to here them announce the People's Design Awards winner in person.
Posted October 23rd, 2008 by Tanya Palta


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