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Dip D-Lighting

Query: what do you get when you combine Aquamass guru Jean Pol-Piron’s 30+ years of experience in the bathing arts and Architect/Designer Michel Boucquillon’s existentially-laden sensibilities?

Dip D-Lighting Plasticryl and Chromotherapy Tub. Designed by Boucquillon. Manufactured by Aquamass.

The long answer is an approach to bathroom design that offers both “a limpid and comprehensible exterior to the ‘place’ at first glance, erasing any visual disruption, often of a technical nature, to get to the essence” (Boucquillon); and “a constant invitation to escape and to dream” (Pol-Piron). The short answer is the Dip D-Lighting Plasticryl and Chromotherapy Tub, designed by Boucquillon and manufactured by Aquamass as part of its “Labels Design Edition Range,” which features the most innovative contemporary baths. The even shorter answer is “one Hell of an iridescent tub!”

Made of Plasticryl PE—a polyethylene based composite constructed from 100% post-consumer materials, the Dip D-Lighting is subtly phosphorescent, thus presenting the irony of a Belgian Manufacturer and Belgian Designer (and given his apparent affection for the philosophical, Boucquillon really should be an honorary Frenchman) having realized every American kid’s dream: a glow-in-the-dark bathtub. But the Dip D-Lighting is, alas, for adults, especially since kids don’t typically suffer from the Chakra imbalances that the tub’s chromotherapy element aims to fix—or maybe they do, this is the age of ADD and the ubiquitous “gifted child,” after all…

But whether child or adult, whether aged with wisdom or mortified by awkward adolescence, the Dip tub offers the perpetual fulfillment of Aquamass’ “escape and dream.” Evoking the broad use of color therapy in many ancient cultures (Egypt, China, and India top the list), and twinning this modality with the therapeutic traditions of the public baths, Aquamass’ Dip D-Lighting aspires to calm the senses and restore equillibrium. But does this mean you need a different color for every imbalance? No matter if you do, because Aquamass offers the tub in red, white, orange, or green, so either invest in a bigger bathroom, or choose the color corresponding to your most frequently distressed Chakra. With a tub this calming, you’ll be back in balance quicker than you can say “Om.”

Posted August 28th, 2008 by Joseph Starr

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