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At NeoCon: Swank

Type in “swank” in Google and you will be bombarded with definitions such as: 1. Imposingly fashionable or elegant; grand. 2. Ostentatious; pretentious. You don’t need to be a genius to decipher which definition describes this Swank Lounge Collection more accurately. OFS showcased the Swank collection this week at NeoCon, a furniture line I'd describe myself as pure elegance and one that might beautifully complement any team space, lounge area, project room, or reception area.

Swank Lounge Collection. Manufactured by OFS.

Most standard office spaces are averse to furniture that is cacophonous in nature and that might take away from the solemn work environment. Swank doesn’t suffer from this same fate, although it does beautifully avoid the lackluster route. The Swank collection is conventional without being boring, contemporary without being edgy, and unique without being eccentric. Hence, the Swank Lounge Collection manages to fulfill the perfect juxtaposition of coherent modernity with classic aesthetics.

With Swank, OFS wants to provide a flexible seating solution to their clients who prioritize comfort and quite sophistication. It may not be as electrifying or vivacious as the Softseating by Molo Design, but that’s not the intention. Elegant functionality is further exemplified by the shelf positioned below the seat, where one might store stuff they can’t do without in their daily grind.

The Swank Lounge Collection, neither propels a design revolution nor adheres to clichés associated with archetypal office systems. Rather, the collection is an amalgamation of style, sophistication, comfort, sustainable design, and even fortuitous creativity.
Posted June 13th, 2008 by Tanya Palta


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