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At ICFF: Oz Chair

Designers Nelson Ruiz-Acal and Cate Högdahl are always on a quest to find novel ways of creating sustainable furniture that captures the imagination of the discerning design connoisseur. Designing under the label of cate&nelson, their repertoire of work includes pieces like “raw”, “stad” , “focus” and “oz”. In fact the “oz” low chair was exhibited at ICFF, so hopefully you dropped them a visit.

Oz Chair. Designed by Nelson Ruiz-Acal and Cate Högdahl. Manufactured by cate&nelson.

It was British furniture designer Ross Lovegrov who once said:
“The great chair is like a face… you meet thousands, but only few are memorable.”

Those in-sync with the creative scene, will agree with Lovegrov (at least I do), as its not everyday we come across products that leave an impact on us or at times even evoke some serious rumination. I am not saying that the oz low-chair makes me want to achieve nirvana. However, to me, it does create a commentary speaking towards that part of us humans that craves and longs for change.

What sets apart the oz chair from the competition is its distinctive approach, which doesn’t align to what one would perceive as “conventional.” The chair is made from layers of wool felt that can be flipped to match its owner’s mood or living space. In fact the only thing constant in this low chair is its white-lacquered steel frame.

Looks like cate&nelson took into account varied parameters such as trends, home decors, and personal tastes when designing the oz chair, and I love their out-of-the-box approach. Its also quite fitting that cate&nelson compares the chair to a book where every flip indicates something fresh and stimulating.

Nelson Ruiz-Acal and Cate Högdahl design philosophy is to concentrate on everyday objects and create an emotional dialogue with the consumer. This is made crystal clear in the oz low chair, which alludes to the free-spirited and unconventional attitude of the duo.

Posted May 23rd, 2008 by Tanya Palta

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