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At Bklyn Designs: I Love I Beam

This long-distance relationship just isn’t working out for me; with your being in Brooklyn and well – me in Colorado. For starters, flights to New York have gotten so expensive. I don’t think I am going to be able to fly out and visit you as much as I would like.

#1020 Beam Coffee Table. Designed by Jason Horvath. Manufactured by Uhuru.

I know that you have a fabulous spot at the Uhuru studios. But I’ve been giving it some serious thought, and I think you should move in with me! This may seem sudden, but from the first moment I laid eyes on you I have been head-over-heels in love. I just can’t quit thinking about you!

Normally I don’t fall for ones that are more than twice my age and come with slightly shady pasts, but you, well you are categorically different. I’m sure some people will take issue with the fact that your fresh new “industrial” look is attributed to major reconstructive work. But I think it is admirable of you; wanting to be sustainable in a society that seems to embrace the word “disposable” all so well. You are much more forward-thinking and less pretentious than some of the others from your era. (And I know I won’t find you hanging out at Sotheby’s on the weekends; selling yourself off to the highest bidder).

It may not be as high-energy as New York but I think you will absolutely love putting down roots in Colorado. With your flair for the rustic and my eclectic tastes in design; I really feel like we have a shot at making this relationship work. (Not to mention I love everything about you – even the fact that you are a little rough around the edges at times). So what do you think? Should we call UPS and see what “BROWN” can do for us?

Posted May 6th, 2008 by Lora Leonard

  • Jacob Slevin

    I am totally crushing this coffee table. I can’t believe you’re worried about long distance. This item looks like it was made for Colorado.

  • Lora Leonard

    Keep your hands off my coffee table! :)

  • Joseph Starr

    Ah… Colorado. Home of crisp, clean air, bluebird skies, snow in May, and snow in June. And, yes, wonderfully aged abandoned barn wood, just asking to be reclaimed. But I’m tempted to put the coffee table to use as an exposed structural member for that addition I’ve always wanted…

  • Tanya Palta

    How exciting! We have our very own love triangle blossoming at 3ring! Any bets who will be the chosen one :) ?

  • Lora Leonard

    It’s already been reclaimed Joseph! … as in mine :)

  • Alicita Rodriguez

    This table belongs in Colorado. It may create a nice juxtaposition for New York lofts needing an organic element, but it clearly desires space, grandeur, manifest destiny even.

  • Franki Durbin

    you’ll always have iChat ;)

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  • Oleg Vasilevitsky

    Beautiful | Elegant | Creative | Cozy

  • Jennifer Wichard

    My sister lives in Colorado….what a fantastic way of life Coloradans have! I am in New Yawk and as much as I adore the Big Apple, I will be heading to the mountains in a few years. These tables are everything…… zen…rustic….sophisticated in their simplicity. Bravo ~!

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