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Aspen Sofa

The Aspen Sofa is the product of two notables in modern furniture design: Italian Manufacturer Cassina and French Designer Jean Marie Massaud.

Aspen Sofa, from the Contemporanei Collection. Designed by Jean Marie Massaud. Manufactured by Cassina.

In 2005, the two collaborated to produce this piece, which shows an easy alliance between form and functionality. Massaud, who refers to his work as “life scripts” and who is keenly aware of the interplay between the artistic and functional elements of design, strives to create pieces that are lively and light, that are visually striking without seeming untouchable, that are adaptable to differing lifestyles. Cassina’s reputation is for clean lines and ergonomic design. Many of their pieces accomplish this through the elegant integration of structural steel and rigid upholstery. These elements facilitate the appearance that the upholstery is the chair, or the sofa in this case. The Aspen is no different: its steel structure and visible, chrome-plated bases compliment the upholstery, which is removable and available in fabric or leather.

This sofa should be seen from all sides to be appreciated. From the front it’s static, a serene mountain-top ridge worn smooth through the years; but from the sides it embodies movement, the changing contours of a dune of shifting sands or the dynamism and energy of a roiling surf. The backrest is partially gapped from the seat, a feature that is both ergonomic and visually arresting, in perfect accord with the floating appearance created by the invisible feet. With its simple yet sensuous lines, the Aspen, available in two sizes, complements any contemporary decor. The 70.9” version will fit beautifully in modern homes—not only in the living room, where you can relax and enjoy a sherry or cigar, but also in more intimate spaces such as bedrooms and libraries, where you can read The Great Gatsby by the fire. The 102.4” model would be perfect in the lobbies of grand hotels; think The Delano in Miami or The Wilson in Geneva. Another alternative is to join a pair of the smaller, linkable sofas, which creates a symmetrical curve reminiscent of pouty lips (very Lauren Bacall in the 40s). At 35.4” deep and 28.3” high, the Aspen is perfectly comfortable.

Aspen Large

Collection additionally includes two coffee table variations that can also be placed alongside the sofas: a square low table and a round low table.

Posted February 22nd, 2008 by Joseph Starr


  • Jacob Slevin says:

    Maybe it’s because I am a big time skier, but I am all about this sofa. When I can afford a house in the mountains, or plainly afford furniture for that matter, this will be on my wish list.

  • Andre says:

    It would be unfortunate to be the loser who has to sit at the end of this couch. No back support for him!

  • Debra Rodman says:

    If only the couch could take me to as many places as the author of this description. Well I guess if I sit on he couch long enough just maybe I will fall into a deep slumber and dream….

  • Joseph Starr says:

    You aint seen nothing yet, baby!
    RE: Back-Less Wonder: true, true. Only manly types with high self-esteem and excellent posture need apply.

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  • Smith says:

    Great design, just out of this world looks. It seems the designer has created a master piece which looks like something from the year 2050. Good work, keep it up.

    white leather sofa

  • Jill says:

    It’s a sculpture….it’s a sofa….it’s a sculpture and a sofa. Fantastic.

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  • This Aspen sofa was just a great idea waiting to happen. Would truly love to have one in my house!

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  • kevinxiao says:

    love so much,this style so attractive…fashion~

  • Willy Rimbaud says:


    At the risk of being contrary…. functional is hardly a term that comes to mind when I look at this product. Thank goodness no one had the audicity to call this sofa comfortable. Indeed even calling this a sofa flies in face of the usually accepted definition of a sofa.

    From Merriam Webster;
    A long upholstered seat usually with arms and a back and often convertible into a bed

    From Cambridge
    a long soft seat with a back and usually arms, on which more than one person can sit at the same time

    Perhaps these can be used at gitmo now that waterboarding has fallen out of favour?

  • Joseph Starr says:

    Dear Willy,

    I enjoy rigid foam and a profile that encourages good posture, so I beg to differ with your assessment that this piece is a torture device comparable to a waterboard. I also find it interesting that both your definitions for sofa contain the word “usually,” which hardly makes them the last word on the eternal truths of a “sofa.” One of the great things about contemporary design is that it pushes the limits of fixed ideas like sofa, couch, table, etc… If we all went to our dictionaries every time we saw a new take on an old concept, the industry would devolve into empty rhetorical exercises. Is that what you’re after?

  • Willy Rimbaud says:

    Hey Joe.. Lighten up. This couch, sofa, chesterfield what have you is more for looks than comfort.

    As for a new take on a old concept I guess the market will judge the acceptance of whether this piece of furniture finds favour with the residential marketplace.

    As for encouraging good posture.. yoga is way more effective than sitting on a block of rigid foam. 😛

  • Home Exterior says:

    That is nice sofa, i like it…
    i Have an idea to make the Aspen Sofa be a Round Sofa with the “hill” at the center, and we can put the sofa at the waiting room 😀



  • Jeremy says:

    I think I’m with Willy on this one. I don’t care so much about the definition of sofa or if it if falls under that title but I do care about a cozy “come home from long day of work” sofa that I can’t wait to relax on. I can’t file the Aspen in to MY definition of sofa. I do think it looks very attractive and would probably give it a second glance as I passed it in a posh hotel lobby, saying to my wife “How much do you think that thing costs?!” In fact, the Aspen is probably best suited in that lobby or the rare air of someone’s multi-million dollar abode with rooms designed by someone named Léon and visited less than the local library. I think Willy’s first post hung his hat a little too much on the technicality of the Aspen’s title and his point was lost in translation. Point being…the Aspen may be a a “sofa” or a piece of art or both but it’s not the sofa “we” would live with.

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  • This is so interested! Where can I find more like this?

  • That sofa is definitely unique. It is really elegant.

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