Sherwin Williams’ Debuts Palettes for 2022

Sherwin Williams’ Debuts Palettes for 2022

MODE is a way of being. It's where and how you are in a particular time and place. It conveys emotion, energy, and stasis. And it's also a clever acronym for Sherwin Williams' 2022 Colormix forecast.

MODE ephemera mood board with fabric swatches, paint samples, tiles, and dried plants in representative colors
Dreamland Mood Board from Sherwin Williams' 2022 Colormix Forecast

MODE is not only an expansive palette of new colors but also an entirely new way of thinking about paint.

MODE ephemera moody blue on hotel room wall behind bed with table and settee
Moody Blue from the Ephemera Collection

As Sherwin Williams puts it, "Nothing is permanent; all is ever-changing. We plan, progress, draft designs—set our intentions—and over time they slowly take shape."

MODE Opus Iron Ore in room with red desk, white pillar and wainscotting, and black/white chair near window
Iron Ore from the Opus Collection

Though it may be difficult to match a paint color to a particular moment in a life, that is what we should aspire to. MODE enables this process by creating palettes for the energy they imbue, the emotions they evoke, and the way they reference our common culture.

MODE dreamland static image putty color on wall with cushy sofa, chairs, and ottoman
Static Image from the Dreamland Collection

MODE's four palettes include Method—soft and earthy neutrals with an Art Deco feel; Opus—dark, dramatic tones that convey energy and movement; Dreamland—vibrant colors conveying fresh ideas and fantastical realms; and Ephemera—playing on primary colors and the timelessness of midcentury modern design.

MODE method beige in bathroom with sink and chair near tube and partial view of window
Beige from the Method Collection

In sum, the MODE collection offers 40 colors—enough choice to find exactly what you're looking for without making you feel overwhelmed. And each palette aids not only in capturing the right color, but also the right feeling, the right mood, the precise mode of living you'd like it to convey.

MODE opus mood board with carpet, dried twigs, fabric swatches, and paint samples in representative colors
Opus Mood Board

MODE runs the gamut of emotion and mood—from the high drama of Opus to the playful gestures of Dreamland; from the calming earth tones of Method to the design-forward Ephemera—there's something here for every taste. And any moment.

MODE Ephemera various primary colors in open room with many windows in educational setting
Ephemera offers a palette of primary colors

Find out more at Sherwin Williams.

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