Twix by Déco for Sustainable, High-Performance Cladding

Twix by Déco for Sustainable, High-Performance Cladding

If you thought Twix was just a fun confection that snaps in two, think again. Because Twix by Déco is an innovative interior/exterior cladding that combines aesthetics with excellent performance and sustainability.

Twix by Déco on walls of kitchen

The Twix module is a composite product made of reclaimed wood flour and HDPE—two elements that have almost no fossil fuel footprint as they're “obtained from recycled chips and thus have zero impact on deforestation.”

Twix by Déco in bathroom

In terms of performance, it’s also superior to wood. When installed as exterior cladding, Twix improves thermal and acoustic insulation. Its unique structure creates miniature pockets of empty space, thus decreasing thermal bridging and improving energy efficiency.

Twix by Déco detail of interior of module

For indoor applications, Twix offers excellent acoustics, minimizing reverb and thus enhancing the sound of silence.

Twix by Déco on ceiling in living room with tv and fireplace

And it looks like wood. Four profiles and seven finish options give users excellent design choice and aesthetic flexibility.

Twix by Déco on veranda in European city

Twix also incorporates a special polymer shield, “extruded together with the internal mix-product,” for resistance to scratching/staining, color permanence, and general durability.

Twix by Déco exterior of multi-story house

To find out more, see Déco. And go to Designer Pages Media for other great wall and ceiling products.

Posted May 10, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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