Slate-Lite Paper-Thin Stone Veneer

Slate-Lite Paper-Thin Stone Veneer

For anyone who has labored with the ridiculously heavy mass of a granite countertop or a marble vanity, Slate-Lite may offer salvation.

Slate-Lite light gray on elevator walls in lobby

This Rheinback, Germany-based company has pioneered the art of paper-thin rock veneer. Using an innovative fiberglass backing—applied in liquid form to the slate block, whick allows the veneer to be manually peeled off—they create ultra-thin and surprisingly flexible real stone veneer.

Slate-Lite dark gray on wall behind television and media credenza

The weight is around 1.5 kg per square meter, meaning a 4’ x 6’ piece would weigh in at around seven pounds.

Slate-Lite grey with black veining on partition wall in entertainment room

This not only reduces transport and installation costs, it also helps conserve natural resources and enhance the number and type of potential applications.

Slate-Lite in art gallery dark gray

A short list of the former would include interior walls, exterior walls, partition walls, fireplaces, chimneys, furniture, countertops, vanities, reception desks, media walls, ceilings, bathrooms, and showers.

All materials used are safe and healthy. See Slate-Lite for more. And go to Designer Pages Media for other creative wall surfaces.

Posted March 24, 2020 by Joseph Starr

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