I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

Nathan Allan Glass Studios is going to great lengths to get you from bottom to top in style. The manufacturer of premium architectural glass offers a variety of gravity-defying glass stair treads.

Nathan Allan Glass low iron textured stair treads at Big D Construction

Low Iron Opacity Treads incorporate three layers with an opacity finish, creating a diffuse effect that establishes a modicum of privacy, while also allowing for subtle infiltrations of light along the edges or from beneath, for an ethereal glow effect.

Nathan Allan Glass low iron opacity stair treads at Univeristy of Utah; split screen with two images

Low Iron Textured Glass is another option. Offering the same opaque finish as the Opacity Treads, this glass achieves texture and visual variation courtesy of Nathan Allan’s slip-resistant finish, in which tiny glass particles are fused onto the walking surface.

Nathan Allan Glass Studios low iron textured treads at St. John's Episcopal Church

And for those more inclined towards transparency, Clear Glass is as crystalline and resplendent as azure waters—an unmatched aesthetic that’s stunning in private residences, like this modest abode in Vancouver.

Nathan Allan Glass clear glass stair treads in residential home; split screen with four separate images

See more at Nathan Allan Glass Studios.

Posted October 8, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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