Forma Shows Excellent Form

Forma Shows Excellent Form

Forma, from Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Inbani, is a bathroom collection that explores the elegant interplay of contrast.

Inbani Forma Collection white tub foreground, green vanity in background

Distinguished by the distinctive sculptural forms of basin and tub, Inbani's Forma Collection also takes formal delight in its innovative cabinetry—a subtle and svelte shape that minimizes footprint while maximizing counter space.

Inbani Forma Collection vanity in green

“Thanks to its geometric shapes, this collection offers a wide range of possibilities and enables it to adapt to any type of bathroom.”

Inbani Forma Collection close-up of vanity tab with recessed basin in gray

Indeed, Forma has a knack for stretching itself out along the contours of a given space, no matter the dimensions.

Inbani Forma Collection brown lacquer vanity in foreground white tub iin background

Forma comes in a variety of finishes, including wood or lacquer. Many complementary mirrors are available as well, including an option with a slick integrated LED strip.

Inbani Forma Collection with white tub and basin and wood veneer vanity

To find out more, see Inbani.

Posted August 5, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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