Acid Wash & Stone Wash by Architex

Acid Wash & Stone Wash by Architex

Acid Wash and Stone Wash, two new collections of dim-out draperies by Architex, take inspiration from hand-dyed textile techniques. The 100% polyester draperies offer a handcrafted look: “Both patterns translate ancient shibori-dye resist techniques into 23 sophisticated colorations.”

orange acid wash textile with chilis and spices

Acid Wash and Stone Wash perform a clever sleight of hand: the dim-out draperies block light while appearing light.

blue stone wash textile with blackberries and other spices

The color names pay tribute to musical legends. Bowie, a rich blue, is atmospheric and electric. Orange Joplin is rich and warm. Dylan is mysterious with its striations of dark gray.

wine-colored fabric with beets and spices

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Posted May 22, 2019 by Alicita Rodriguez

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