Slide and Turn System by Sunflex

For internal partitions, garden rooms, and balcony enclosures, the Slide and Turn System by Sunflex gives you optimal visibility and easy installation. Available in various sizes, including the new SF30, the Slide and Turn System provides unobstructed views. Some models, such as SF25, offer a bottom track that can be recessed into the floor for a nearly seamless look. Extend indoor living space with Sunflex’s wall system, which can be used for windows or for ceiling-to-floor enclosures. The smooth gliders, handle options, and tempered safety glass make the Slide and Turn System an excellent option for spaces where separation is key—without impeding visibility. Low noise, low-wear, easy pane and panel replacement add to the appeal of the wall system. See Sunflex Glass Walls on Designer Pages or visit Sunflex.
Posted September 13, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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