Module is Modular for the new Millennium

Score another win for the Steel City in its apparent effort to be among the nation’s pioneers in green building technology—the start-up Module recently pre-sold its first home to a local Pittsburgh customer. An 880 square foot, one bedroom one bathroom unit, the home will adorn the customer’s backyard, as an accessory dwelling designed to encourage visits from grandparents. Utilizing a patent pending wall system and design platform, Module was borne of the borderline brilliant idea of a house that builds upon itself. The company’s “collaborative blueprint” is inherently expansive—the potential for future additions is built in to the architectural scheme of the original home, so owners can increase their space as their family grows and life evolves. Currently, Module offers four initial floor plans, each of which can be easily added onto when the need arises. “Nook,” “Haven,” “Moonlighter,” and “Duo” range in size from 1 bed/1 bath to 3 beds/2 baths. And all of them incorporate green building principles: sustainably sourced/non-toxic materials, energy efficiency, and precise construction with wise resource use principles and minimal waste. The design is attractive too. Module homes are light and bright—glass abounds and passive energy gain is pronounced. And the homes flow well; they feature lots of open space and intuitive passages from one room to the next. Another perk is that Module works with buyers throughout the process, assisting with everything from site selection to permitting, land purchase to interior design, right down to choosing finishes and appliances. Lastly, and in the best spirit of the modular concept, Module houses are constructed off-site. This allows for excellent quality control and efficiency during the building process. “Through Module’s platform, homebuyers can buy the amount of house they need today, and add on as their needs change… because buildings are concrete but your life plans aren’t.” Read more at Module.
Posted September 12, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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