Focal Point Recognized for Innovative LEDs

Congrats to Focal Point for recent wins in Architectural SSL magazine’s 2018 Product Innovation Awards. The judging panel recognized three products: Apollo 8 LED, Covert Lite, and Seem 1 Direct/Indirect Luminaires. Seem 1 features an ultra-narrow aperture, making it easy to slip in unobtrusively for tight spaces and/or any locale where a slim, minimalist aesthetic is desired. It also comes with a sound damping feature: Seem 1 Acoustic Direct features the very same sleek silhouette but wrapped in an attractive acoustical damping material: “to achieve desired reverberation levels in conference rooms, offices, reception areas and other open commercial spaces.” Onto Covert Lite. As the name suggests, this as another member of Focal Point’s unobtrusive LED family. Designed to seamlessly integrate into concealed coves, Covert Lite provides pleasant, even illumination for coffered ceilings—a great choice to defeat shadows in long, narrow spaces such as hotel hallways or airport passageways. Lastly, Apollo 8 is a utilitarian workhorse for healthcare environments. This LED luminaire offers glare-free illumination, easy maintenance, and an anti-microbial finish. It also features smooth- and step-dimming via an intuitive, low-voltage remote controller. Read more about Focal Point and their entire LED product lineup.
Posted September 13, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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