Beautiful Japanese Style Bathing from Aquatica

Old world elegance gets a modern twist with Aquatica’s stunningly lovely True Ofuro Japanese Seated Soaking Tub. Handcrafted of American Walnut, True Ofuro revitalizes body and soul—as well as the venerated bathing culture of Japan. The tub is designed for comfort. An integrated seat creates an ergonomic position for bathers, while allowing the entire body to be immersed—no cold spots, no fitful writhing in an attempt to stay beneath the water, and, perhaps best, no uncomfortably resting the head on the tub. True Ofuro offers a built-in ergonomical head rest instead. Different woods are available too. In addition to walnut, bathers may choose from maple, ash, padouk, oak, or sapele. But it gets even better. Aquatica also offers versions in the company’s patented AquateX material. This is a durable finish with a Modern look that’s quite stunning in its own right. And perhaps even better, it’s more affordable than the wooden version. Colors available in AquateX include multiple varieties of black, grey, brown, blue, green, red, and yellow. Find out more and check out the very cool product videos of True Ofuro at Aquatica.
Posted September 8, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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