Great Green Project: Alpine SPA-Bungalow features MetsäWood’s LVL Panels

MetsäWood and designer Roger Bernet have answered the age-old question: “how does one design and construct and deliver a modest yet modern spa/bungalow that can withstand torrential snow and relentless wind (of up to 100 mph) at the rarefied altitude of 2,690 meters?” The solution has taken shape in the Alpine SPA-Bungalow, a “unique sauna experience” at the Loetschenpass Hut hotel in Switzerland. As readers familiar with our earlier article on MetsäWood will know, the company is pioneering the use of engineered lumber—namely, the proprietary Kerto LVL-Q panel, a laminated veneer product with pronounced strength, impressive dimensional stability, and inherent fire and moisture resistance. The LVL-Q panels are also relatively light, which was of paramount importance for the SPA-Bungalow project, since the completed modules had to be transported via helicopter. In order to realize the vision, the SPA-Bungalow was assembled off-site, a process that took four weeks. Then the three modules comprising the bungalow were flown to the top of the pass, where installation was achieved in a couple of hours. Says Bernet, “Kerto LVL Q-panels fulfilled all our technical requirements—strong yet lightweight, fast to build with, ecological, and fire- and moisture-resistant.” The material is also aesthetically pleasing, an attribute that further cut costs as it enabled the rustic wood interior—a look that’s entirely appropriate to the venue and to the sauna culture. The SPA’s exterior features a weather-resistant fiberglass-reinforced plastic. To read more about the SPA-Bungalow and MetsäWood’s sustainable approach, see MetsäWood.
Posted August 31, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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