Get Creative with Kohler Components

The “Components” of Kohler’s recent Components Faucet Collection are just that—three separate elements that users may select to create a customized bathroom fitting that suits individual preference. Users may choose from three spout styles, four varieties of handle, and four distinct finishes. Among the aforementioned, spouts include “Ribbon,” “Row,” and “Tube”—a timeless trio, each with a distinctive silhouette and a modern streamlined style. Handle options are equally alluring: “Oyl,” “Industrial,” “Lever,” and “Rocker”—a variety of shapes and textures. Add finishes in polished chrome, matte black, titanium, and nickel, and users will have an exponential number of options to feed their creative curiosity. See Kohler for additional information.
Posted August 17, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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