EverStrand by Mohawk

EverStrand PET polyester carpet by Mohawk offers “the cleanest, most sustainable carpet for your home”—with up to 100% recycled content. Available in textured, looped, and patterned products in a wide range of colors, EverStrand is a good alternative to other toxic carpet fibers. With neutrals like Slate and Platinum, warm hues like Putty and New Penny, and bold colors like Spruce and Cornflower, EverStrand offers something for everyone. EverStrand is made using the Mohawk Continuum™ patented process, which “strengthens the fiber and removes dirt-attracting residue with a multi-step purification system.” That process also turns plastic into plush carpet—Mohawk recycles up to 3 billion plastic bottles a year. For more information, visit Mohawk.
Posted August 27, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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