Enigma by Louis Poulsen: Now Available in Black

What’s so enigmatic about Shoichi Uchiyama’s iconic Enigma pendant for Louis Poulsen? The way the concentric diffusing shades seem to float in mid-air; the way glare-free light emanates from every angle; and the way “it creates a serene visual and atmospheric effect as it shapes and channels light.”

Originally released in 2003 in the classically enigmatic shade of pure white, Enigma is now available in the equally and perhaps even more mysterious color black, “expanding the design’s decorative possibilities and making it ideal for entryways, hallways, and living areas, as well as above dining room tables, kitchen bars, and islands.”

Among Enigmas multiple innovations, the sculptural and textural allure of the matte-finished acrylic diffuser looms large. Essentially a transparent material, this specialized acrylic absorbs and reflects without provoking glare, creating an even distribution that’s as pleasant as it is alluring.

The thin wires providing support and structure complete the aesthetic effect—giving form and shape to the whole without obstructing distribution or constraining the diffusing discs. LEDs provide Enigma’s consistent, calming, uniform emanations.

The new version of Enigma hits shelves in September. See Louis Poulsen to find out more.

Posted August 2, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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